06 Mai 2010

Lost In Music Radio Show Thursday 06.05.2010

The classic sounding Toronto duo Azari & III crafted a mix laden with 303 acid basslines for the Lost In Music Radio Show
The Canadian duo of Dinamo Azari and Alixander III sound very much like they came out of 1986, especially with their creepy burner, “Hungry for the Power,” which is in spirit and tone greatly recalls all of Traxx Records classics with singer Jamie Principle. I’m hungry for the power/ Hour after hour gets roared Halloween-style over snappy hi-hats and a kitchen sink’s worth of drum machines. But what truly makes this song special is the high-toned, echoed diva ad-libs.

pt 1
1. Nina Simone - Baltimore - Polydor
2. Shake - Lost In Space - bbe
3. Harry Mosco - Sexy Dancer - bbe
4. Donny Mccullough - From The Heart - bbe
5. Oby Onyioha - Enjoy Your Life - bbe
6. Unknown - You Get Over - c.o.m.b.i.
7. Roman Rauch - Can't Get Enough - Tjumy
8. Dj Sprinkles - Bassline 89.9

Azari & III Dj Mix